November 19, 2010

Make A Stand

March 13, 2010

NYC has been a wild ride and I give this city some credit.  People say it jades and changes you but I have never felt this, ever.  Yeah, it is a massive city and if you don't keep your head about yourself you will surely fall.  But that is true for all of life.

My lens has been showing up in unlikely places capturing some wonderful faces.  People I have always loved, appreciated and respected. Like this man, Mr. Todd Terry.  Much respect to Todd as he has this air to his smile that helps bring anyone out of a funk.  It have been people like him, or the mad little lady behind Don't Forget To Go Home who have helped get me up and out.  Helped me remember just why I do what I do.  NYC I say  we rock it till the wheels fall off.

June 17, 2009

June 15, 2009

Family Advice

So i asked a family member for advice, I actually asked for someone to give advice, they had no idea of the subject yet, and upon being asked this was there response. (And you people wonder where I get it from?!)

10 Life changing events that would cause Jared to want my highly unqualified advice:

1. Jared is gay.
2. Jared found an alien crash site in LA that looks very similar to a Fry Electronic store but has great deals on Garmin GPS devices.
3. Jared found the cure for AIDs and coincidentally, it involves fucking a Koala Bear.
4. Jared's long lost great uncle 4 times removed has died and left him a lot of money and he wants to me pay me to be his traveling Kabbalah Guru. (First leasson: Kabbalah spelled backwards is Hola Back, which kinda WOULD make Gwen Stephani a "Hola Back" girl)
5. Jared is a fish.
6. Jared found out his real father is Anthony Lane and has decided to make a career move to Broadway in a musical adaptation of Shindlers List... scenario #1 also applies here.
7. Jared wants to talk about how Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior and ask if Ive invited him into my heart .... and then ask to borrow money to spread his word. (and Hep C)
8. Jared likes Fishsticks and therefore is a gay fish, see #1 and #5.
9. Jared's Jewish and in love with Shia LaBeouf, see #6.
10. Jared has proof that Chemtrails are a conspiracy to prevent the Chicago Cubs from ever winning the World Series.

June 14, 2009

So here we are, back in oh so sunny Melbourne which, coincidentally, is the H1N1 Capitol of Australia. Now to some I can see where they might worry, "It doesn't sound like a positive move Jared" I can hear them say. Que sera really. Having already been in the presence of said virus and coming out clean I am not too worried.


Let's be honest, I think there are a few bigger problems swirling in the foothills. You know I remember turning 30 and asking friends at the time what the 30's would be like. Most everyone agreed that 31 was a wretched year. Hmmmm, I think I will agree. Its never going to be easy in the russian roulette with a potato canon kinda life I lead but usually there are a few less stressful moments. Bring them back I say! Where are he good old days, when are we moving back up to the east side?!